All things Great Day

All things Great Day

So I have grappled with feelings of severe anxiety and feelings of Depression for years. I'm in a really good place now though, thank Heavens!!!

But I forgot to do my great day protocol yesterday,

I had anxiety the whole day. Like an elephant on my chest kind of stuff, ALL. DAY. LONG. I was grumpy as heck. Everything irritated my senses... Any sounds were too loud, smell was overwhelming, light was too bright. I wanted to cry a lot, but also bash away at something in anger, all because of something silly like there being no peanut butter left. 

I used to feel like this ALL the time, but it's not normal for me any more. 

It took me by surprise that the effect of NOT having this little quad of oils for the day, It REALLY made a difference not having them. 

Sometimes when we start a regime, we don't realise that it is really helping to support our emtions. Often it's only once we withdraw that regime that we realise how much good it is doing. For me I needed to do this consistently for just under a week before I saw how much it was helping my state of mind. Others have felt it quicker.

My Great Day protocol keeps me grounded. I have learned that consistency is key, and that those little oils are every bit as effective for supporting my emotions, as brushing my teeth daily is important for my oral health. It's a make or break. I find myself feeling so much happier, at peace, content, and centered when I have had these oils. I don't get those hectic panic attacks that last the entire day, I had learned to get used to feeling like I was in the middle of a heart attack multiple times a day multiple times a week. Now that is certainly not the norm any more, AND I feel so much more in control when things. go South! Yayness! 

Thank you Valor, Peace and Calming, Joy and White Angleica. You complete me 

I have a lot of friends who use the Great Day protocol with the same success! Feelings of anxiousness have given way to peace and calming (See what I did there??).

The Hubster checks on me daily to make sure I have done my oils - Now I know why! 😂