How Anxiety affects your brain and stuff

How Anxiety affects your brain and stuff
Anxiety has been a close friend  fiend for many years. 
Like that nagging, hacking cough when you just had a c-section. 
No regard whatsoever for your life or circumstance.... Here's how the brain works...

Analysis Paralysis will not choke me today!

Analysis Paralysis is real ya’ll
Do you ever have those moments when you are so overwhelmed at the sheer volume of things to do that you just sit there? 
That’s 100% my day today! 
I have SO MANY THINGS that I need to do right now and I am stunned. Like a deer in the headlights. 
It doesn’t help that I am going through some hectic emotional stuff right now, but it’s also not stopping me from living today – It’s just making me feel a bit more, “Meh”. 
So what do I do about Analysis Paralysis? 

1. Write things down.  
I order them onto a page so that they are not floating in my head. Super freeing! 
I actually WRITE the things down instead of typing them. 
That’s just me and isn’t always right for everyone, but there is something soothing for this previous artist to have a pen in my hand, re-learning what my handwriting is like. 
I swear I had lost the ability to write because I have always done typing instead at work. 
Now I am finding something that gives me great satisfaction…. Physically checking off a box! Yay! Even scribbling is a freeing thing to do. I can’t tell you how some new pens changed things up for me – They are erasable, so I don’t have to scratch out things when I write something incorrectly. Game changer!  

2. I Breathe. 
My issue is that I get easily overwhelmed, and I find myself breathing very shallowly. 
So we need to focus on breathing a bit. 
If there is something that I learned from having a baby in the NICU, it is that we learn how to breathe, and that although we do it naturally, that we can also do it wrong! 
I breathe in my essential oils – They are incredibly powerful at helping me regulate myself. Today my favourite was Valor and some Bergamot. It’s feels like someone just injection pethidine into my feelings. Sigh… Heart rate is down within seconds and I feel like I can focus. 
Once I can breathe (kind of important, right?) I set an intention for what I want to achieve. 
I talk to myself about what it is that needs to be done – I have to be realistic.  
I say it a few times, it’s already written down, and then I order the tasks according to how it needs to be done. 
This sets a path for me, otherwise I am bundu-bashing through the shrubbery of life with no clear path and I get no where fast, and work far too hard. 

3. Get going! 
I believe in small steps at the beginning to build confidence. I have ticked off things on my list that are easy wins, helping to inspire me to go onto the bigger things that require more brainwork. 
It also helps you get into the zone.   
At the moment there are a couple of things that I am not doing as well as I would like. I don’t do well when I am not doing well, so I need to schedule some wins for myself. 

Go forth and conquer, friend! 
You can do it!
Heck, if I can – Anyone can!