It seems like anything goes these days - And I'm not on board.

It seems like anything goes these days - And I'm not on board.
My kids are 4 and 9.
They are boys I hope will become MEN one day. 
Not just males.
I want to teach them things, and therefore I have to stand for things. 
I need to lead by example.
I need to inspire them and show them the best path I know. 

One of the major things we are fighting currently is being labelled as a bigot for not actively fighting for all freedoms. 
I have a problem with this. 

You see - Something we don't like to talk about, among other things, is abortion. 

I want to fight against abortion.
Not because I have been brainwashed to by my fuddy duddy Church (although I do agree with my Church's stance on that matter entirely), but rather because I have lost 7 babies during our journey to parenthood - Including our little daughter who born at 26 weeks due to complications. 
That little 460g girl had personality, spunk and knew me, her Mommy. 
She knew her Daddy's voice and Chloe knew her name. 

How would I know this?  
Easy - The NICU has these babies on monitors that show you everything. 
Her saturation levels were higher when she heard her Daddy. 
Her heart rate increased when she heard me, and her breathing and temperature normalized when I held her.
She cried. 
She cooed.
She looked into my eyes with a stare that is only reserved for their Mommy and Daddy.  
She was a living, breathing baby who was perfect! 
Perfectly small.
But she had life and I would fight for her every waking moment of my life to have one more moment with her. 
She was a person.  My person. 
She had an ID number. 
If she was born one day earlier she could have been legally aborted. 
She should have lived because she was doing SO well. 
But I lost my baby.
She died senselessly from an infection in the NICU 5 weeks after she was born.  
She died in my arms, which ache for her every. Single. Day.  

I say no to abortion and fight for baby's lives because they are human beings. 
I KNOW this. 
I have seen it. 
I have been a mother to one such baby. 
I am a Godmother to one baby who was also born at 26 weeks. 
She lived and she is a beautiful addition to the world.
I knew what life looked like, growing on the outside when she should have been living inside me still.

I also know the pain of having to make a terrible decision to abort because of congenital defects , and to save another twin's life - Not once but twice.  

I know there are reasons it should be possible to abort, but NOT as a form of contraception. 
I feel that it should NOT be as easy as it is. 
I know there are exceptions, but I am not talking about that - I am talking about the girls who went to school with me at age 16 having had 4 abortions already because it was easier than explaining to their mother that they needed to take the pill. I kid you not. 

I have spoken with many women who have had abortions. 
Not one I have spoken to was unaffected or unscarred from making that decision. 
They felt that decision was taken too lightly and abortion was too easy to do. There was huge regret. Sometimes only after having had another child.  
Those women, and the men who were involved, became damaged after.

So my decision to fight against freely available abortion, is out of a place of deep understanding of things far beyond a woman's right to have a say over her body.

I have rights my own "verkrampte" opinion.

But let me tell you one thing - I do not condemn those who have made those choices. 
That's not my point here.
My point is that I don't want it to be so easy.
Let's rather educate, teach, sit with these children (and adults) and speak to them of how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. How to make different choices. 
Let's go ahead and teach them the value of LIFE.  
Life is worth so much.

Say her name - Say "Chloe".