I’m getting all smart now! 
I’m all grow up now and am enjoying the fact that I am taking more control of my life. 
I have started 2 books recently. 
Actually 3, but one is pure fun and that doesn’t count for today (Even though I am SUPER proud that I am actually allowing myself the time to do this because I am such a workaholic!).
These 2 books came to me in different ways and I cannot claim that I was the instigator of this self-growth – 2 people have asked me to be part of a group discussing the books. 
I am baffled at how they marry in concept! 
The one is called “The Compound effect” and talks a lot about how the small daily actions yield the big results. 
That’s so boring. 
I like the big push exercises and the big gestures. 
It’s my upbringing to do that instead of being slow and steady. 
In my house we did hard things in BIG ways and took great pride in that. 
My Dad was an excellent marksman, winning the world champs in 1981 with a broken finger – I mean really?? He was always doing something at full steam, from shooting, to Churching to driving RC cars to building full houses and doing all the electrical work, plumbing and building himself. 
The mad had MAD skills and I always wanted to be just like him. He gave everything his ALL. 
I am feeling a decided aversion to the slow and steady concept because I am a VERY red personality and all the greens around me at home at the moment are irritating the snot out of me because they are so painfully steady and wont take a risk or be go-getters. 
I want big action and big push. But this book says small and steady actions get you there. 
My green component is seriously low, although I very much value the whole research aspect, I tend to be able to make decisions really fast once I have decided, and I can’t cope when people are too slow with this. 
It literally is my hell on earth having to make decisions with a green person who is taking their time. Check out what kind of personality type you are here. It’s quick and fun and eerily accurate. https://jacobadamo.com/personality-colors-quiz/?fbclid=IwAR2u7lbOIBbszDIMHgPJVrwHliEys_vkH_YW6XkNhXV1fYmKSUqFUc5X-aE
So the Compound effect is kicking my butt – I am learning things for the first time that I am pretty sure most toddlers understand.
I’m  a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of person. 
I don’t track calories (hello weight issues). 
I don't add up things to the cent in the shops (hello surprise grocery bills!) and I am not good about tracking time (hello tardiness). 
I get a TRUCK load of things done, and in my mind that is more important than “sweating the small stuff”. 
Ha ha ha ha oh how my life is being turned on its head! 
I’m kind of loving it and discovering my green is a good place to help me feel more grounded. 
The second book is one about manifesting your dreams. 
It’s about mindset and where that is going to lead us. 
I have chosen an amount of money I want to manifest in my life. 
It’s not a massive amount, but it’s enough to make a big difference to me, and it’s about manifesting it in 21 days. 
Doing manifestations and mantras and things are really not something I have felt comfortable with previously, but as I embark on my emotional wellness journey, I see that mindset is something we actively work on and need to broaden our horizons if we want change. 
Also, my brother is someone I admire and respect immensely and he does this stuff, so I’ll give it a go! 
So there’s it. 
I’m doing things differently and I am loving it! 
Today the challenge was to address previous situations / people / memories relating to money that make you feel stuff. 
As someone who is fairly airy fairy about these things, it really surprised me how much emotion I felt about these memories and I got quite flushed. 
Surprisingly so. 
And I felt Big things. 
Then I had to say 4 things to each of those 25 memories…. 
I forgive you. I am sorry. (That I have held onto this for so long  and allowed it to affect me). Thank you. (For what you have taught me). I Love you. (I am sending love to the situation and this allows me to heal and get through it). 
So this whole thank you for poopy situations and retrenchments and even Corona blows! I thought that this was a load of BALONEY, but it was actually amazing to have to say thank you and I love you and I forgive you to each of my 25 points!! It was so freeing!  
I am feeling really happy and ready to learn more and grow. 
I am being so grown up now! Check me out! 


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