Sucking at lock down life right now

I just want to say...
I am NOT up to date on my 8 year old's school work.

All those of you who are Mary Poppins Moms... Good for you.

I feel like I am failing my child miserably as my husband and I keep a 3 year old alive and try to do some sort of work so we can do frivolous stuff like eat and have electricity.

I work until 2 am most nights and still achieve sweet blow-all, and at this rate my smart kid is going to have to re-do grade 2. Honestly.

Oh, and my 3 year old is not potty trained, still has a bottle and every colour is blue. 

Tablet time is our sanity and I am not even bothered any more about limiting screen time. For those of you who know me, you know what a departure this is for me.

If you all are doing better than me, I see you killing it. Well done!

For those who are sucking at life right now - I'm in your corner and plead solidarity. 

Too many of us are pretending right now that we are coping. It's OK not to!

Kudos to the Dad's who are doing this too! You guys rock!



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